Why You Should Include Smart Home Systems, When You Design Your House ?

Smart home technologies are becoming increasingly popular today. More and more homeowners are integrating smart home automation systems in their homes because of the benefit it brings. Aside from the fun part where you get to control the features in your house with just one voice command, home automation technologies also offer very practical advantages that are beneficial to homeowners in the long run.

Smart home systems are not only for the the rich people who live in luxurious penthouses and condo units. Orshel offers reliable and affordable wireless products so that you can build your perfect automated home based on your budget. Even if you are not very adept when it comes to new technology, you can make your home smart with just a few installations here and there.

Orshel smart home technology is also designed in a way that is easy to install and operate. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your house without doing major renovations, one simple thing you can do is make it smart. Orshel wireless systems will minimize your work: just replace your conventional switches with Orshel smart switches and corresponding power units, your home is ready to go smart.

What is a Smart Home?
A smart home is a home that has internet-connected devices that allows the homeowner to manage and control the house remotely or via voice command. Smart home devices or appliances such as smart curtains, motion sensors, light switches, smart door locks, ceiling fans, and others can be easily controlled from a mobile app.

Smart home devices are that extra modern feature you can integrate into your home to maximize its potential and help you achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Reasons why you should integrate smart home systems
Unlike other elements in the home such as interior decorations and accessories, smart home technologies are more than just a fad. They are the future of your home. Whether you are newly renovating or currently looking for ideas to improve the interior of your home, smart home technologies can help you achieve your goal. If you are already thinking about getting smart home devices but is a little bit skeptical about it, here are 5 reasons that might convince you to switch to smart home devices.

1. Smart home technologies improve the Safety and Security of Your Home
Having smart home devices allows you to be connected to your home wherever you are. Features like alarm systems, security cameras, and smart door locks help ensure that your house is secure. If you have a smart door lock for example, you can give virtual keys to members of your family and know exactly at what time they leave and arrive at the house. If you are often not home and you want to check on your children, integrating smart home systems will come in handy.

2. Lowers energy consumption
Perhaps another wonderful feature of having smart home technology is that they can help you save money on energy bills. Your home’s lights, fans, appliances and ac thermostats can automatically adjust depending on the environment and situations. This comes very convenient for busy people or people who are not always at home.

3. For a convenient and efficient lifestyle
In this fast-paced world, every second of every minute is important. Smart home technologies allow you to automate mundane tasks such as opening and closing curtains, switching lights on and off, adjusting room temperature, setting up alarms, and others. If you want to make the most of your time, live a convenient, efficient, and productive life, smart home technologies can be your best company.

4. To be able to control and manage your home remotely
The inter-connectivity features of smart home technologies enable you to control your home remotely from your mobile app. You can control your smart appliances in the kitchen and living room and have 24/7 access to surveillance cameras. If you are going on a vacation for example, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you no matter where you are you have a tool in your hand that allows you to see the condition of your home and check on your family or kids.

5. To provide maximum comfort in your home
Lastly, smart home technologies make your life easier, convenient, and efficient resulting to a more comfortable and relaxed way of living. If you are living with the elderlies and kids, smart home technologies will help assist them in their everyday routines. With just one voice command, one tap, or one motion, smart home devices will trigger several commands fulfilling tasks within seconds. Moreover, the amazing features that this new technology will help you focus more on other important tasks.

How to add smart home systems to your house without totally reengineering it ?
Integrating smart home devices at home can sometimes appeal technically intimidating and difficult for some but contrary to what most some people believe, smart home devices are actually very easy to install.

If you are planning a renewal of your home, you need to be sure that your appliances are all internet-ready. Before buying, you can check if they are compatible with one of the smart automation systems in the market. If you already have your electric appliances but they work on different control systems, or they are not made to connect to the internet, you can choose smart control units to unify the control. You don’t want a bunch of apps to control different appliances.

If you are planning to transition into a smart home without a huge workload, you don’t need to rewire your electrical systems or do expensive renovations. You can go to the ORSHEL wireless solutions.

With Orshel Smart Wireless Switches, your devices will be under control via simple taps on a panel, mobile app or even with voice commands.

Smart light switches, motion sensors, door locks, smart speakers, smart curtains, and the likes can all be added to your existing facility with simple installation steps.

Ready to make your home smart?
Choose ORSHEL for your home automation needs. ORSHEL has a diverse intelligent product line that includes functional system modules, sensors, terminal control devices, gateways, system management software, and user interface software. We provide integrated intelligent solutions for residential, commercial, and hotel buildings based on your needs, in conjunction with the powerful functions of the intelligent control system.

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